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OPHA Projects

Nurses Environmental Advocacy Team of Ohio - NEATO

Watch this site for additional information - publications, tools, articles and conference invitations.   For more information or to inquire about being involved in this group - please contact Lois Hall, at ohiopha@gmail.com or by calling 614-635-0207. 

Several resources and copies of presentations made at two conferences held in Cleveland and Columbus during 2011 are attached below for your use and reference.

Nurses make great advocates for health, for public health, for the health of our environment!  Join the movement now - to be a nurse involved in environmental awareness, education and advocacy!

            The Mission of NEATO is:

To develop a diverse community of nurses who educate and advocate for environments that promote and maintain health.


The Vision of NEATO is that :

Ohio nurses are expert leaders in creating and sustaining healthy environments.


Strategic Goals:

I.            Grow a sustainable community of nurses that are informed and educated about environmental health issues in Ohio.

II.            The community of nurses acts and advocate individually and collectively for environmental health issues at local, state, national, and international levels.

III.            Collaborate with other individuals and organizations to promote healthy environmental through education, research, practice, and advocacy.


Founding of NEATO and conference support was made possible through a grant from the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments





OPHA Project Downloads:
4-27 LC Pharm Drug Fact Sheet
Environmental Health Web Resources 042511
4-27 Indoor Air Resources
Nursing's New Domain - Keynote Address
Food and Environmental Health Issues
Indoor Air Quality
Integrated Pest Management
Water Quality Issues
Promoting Chemical Policy to Protect Health
Drilling the Marcellus Shale - Environmental Impact for Nurses
6-15 Huffling Presentation link
PVC - Common Chemical, Toxic Effects 11/11
Reese Presentation from NEATO Conference 2011

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